The Lisa G. Lane Memorial Fund for Pups in Peril

A New and Permanent Fund to Help FHR Rescue Dogs in the Most Dire of Conditions

On April 4, 2015, FurEver Home Rescue lost a Dear Friend and Supporter. After many years, Lisa G. Lane finally lost her battle with Lyme disease. Her Support was immeasurable, from the time Kelly and I were first putting the rescue together, to the day she left us. She had a huge Heart filled with love for all animals in distress, as well as the three-to-four dogs in her own pack.

She always kept up a brave face and did not burden others with the toll it took on her. Rather, she always had a smile and was more concerned with what was happening in the lives of her friends, families, and furry loved ones.

Her family reached out and stated that it was her wish, and theirs, that instead of sending flowers, etc, she wanted us to donate those funds to further FurEver Home Rescue's efforts in saving the least fortunate and those in greatest peril of being put to sleep without being given a fighting chance to find their FurEver Home.

With this in mind, we are keeping Lisa's Spirit and Love for these precious animals alive by founding a permanent fund: The Lisa Lane Memorial Fund For Pups In Peril. This fund will NOT be part of FHR's general fund. It will be used specifically to rescue and heal, both physical and behavioral, those dogs in the worst of shape and conditions, the dogs that others might not have the funds or where-withall to rescue.

Please donate whatever you can, as your heart leads you.

On behalf of Lisa's Husband Russ, her daughter Amanda Beth, her Mom Flora, and Dee Lane, Kelly and I thank you today for your donation to this fund.

Yours in Service to Those in Need,

Loran and Kelly Martin

Co-Founders, FurEver Home Rescue, LLC